SA’s crème de la crème have been cast in’s new Afrikaans daily drama, ‘Kelders van Geheime’

Meet the cast of Kelders van Geheime

Meet the cast of Kelders van Geheime

Published May 3, 2024


NESTLED amid the breathtaking vineyards of Franschhoek, famed for its dazzling landscapes and opulent wine estates, “Kelders Van Geheime” (“Cellars of Secrets”) makes its grand debut, setting the stage for what promises to be one of the most talked about series.

Exclusive to, this captivating new Afrikaans daily drama invites viewers into its enthralling world from Mondays to Fridays, with the premiere episode set to unfold on the small screen come May 6 at 6pm.

“Kelders Van Geheime” takes you into the heart of Franschhoek, showing you the exciting and detailed world of winemaking.

Shot on a real working farm, the show gives you a close look at the lives of people who are all brought together by their work on the land.

Amid the old vineyards, there are stories about love, dreams, betrayal, greed and secrets.

‘Kelders van Geheime’ launch at Plasir wine estate

The screening of ‘Kelders Van Geheime’ at a recently held launch in the breathtaking Plaisir de Merle Wine Estate, hinted at much intrigue.

Much excitement was in at the air as guests, dressed in their finest, walked around the breathtaking wine estate at Plasir, ready to be among the first to witness the show’s debut.

“Independent Media Lifestyle” was on the ground, mingling with the show's stars and creators.

Duane Williams, known for his role as Vernon on the SABC 2's “7 de Laan”, is now making waves as one of the lead actors in “Kelders van Geheime”.

Williams shared: “Filming ‘Kelders van Geheime’ has been an amazing journey. I’ve learned so much and loved every moment. The cast and crew are incredibly hard-working and we all really click, which has made the experience that much more beautiful.”

Lead actor Duane Williams and now Director Maurice Paige

Williams believed that the show would strike a chord with South African audiences, especially because it explored the untold stories of the Winelands.

“This show takes place in a part of the Winelands that hasn’t been shown on TV before, telling stories that haven’t been told. We’re bringing viewers into a world they’ve never seen, full of drama and secrets.

“Despite people not liking secrets, they are always curious, and that’s what will keep them hooked. I believe this show will be a big hit,” he said.

Ashley De Lange, who potrays Annet a housewife to former rugby player, and Vashti Prins, who plays Cherene.

Cast as Cherene Suister in the show, Vashti Prins said: “Playing Cherene is exciting. It’s all about cutting through the noise and focusing on what truly matters – reliability and protecting my loved ones.”

Prins found a lot in common with her character, especially when it came to prioritising her goals. “These days, I’m all about efficiency and keeping my eyes on the prize. I’m steering clear of distractions, much like Cherene.”

As ‘Kelders van Geheime’ unfolds, viewers will see Cherene navigate the tricky balance between her professional ambitions and her personal values.

In the upcoming how viewers can expect some gripping storylines, especially with Annet Fourie, played by Ashley de Lange.

Annet is a housewife with a pretty complex life. Married to Du Toit, a famous rugby player in Australia, Annet's home life is anything but simple.

De Lange described her character as someone caught between her dreams and her responsibilities, always trying to please others and often sacrificing her own happiness in the process.

As “Kelders van Geheime” makes its debut soon, it stirs up a sense of nostalgia with the return of legends including Vinette Ebrahim, Cedwyn Joel and Abduragman Adams.

This show is a perfect blend for those who cherish wine, are captivated by drama and resonate with the theme of prioritising a duty to family first.