Makoma Mohale has been cast as the Rain Queen in ‘Queen Modjadji’

Makoma Mohale. Picture: Instagram

Makoma Mohale. Picture: Instagram

Published May 17, 2024


Mzansi Magic is gearing up for their new historical drama series, “Queen Modjadji”, which is set to air in July.

The series, which follows the life of South Africa’s Rain Queen, led by the Lobedu clan, is based on a true story.

“Scandal!” actress Makoma Mohale, will take the lead in the much-anticipated show as Maselekwani (Queen Modjadji), the young queen-in-waiting who brings about a golden age of peace and prosperity to the land.

According to the press statement: “Her story is the story of a matriarchal dynasty, whose ability to transform the clouds and summon the rain has earned the Balobedu royalty a place among the most revered of African dynasties.”

No stranger to the small screen, Mohale has appeared in various television shows, including Mzansi Magic’s “The River” and’s “Scandal!”

Makoma Mohale will play Queen Modjadji in the upcoming Mzansi Magic historical drama series. Picture: Supplied.

MultiChoice Group CEO for general entertainment Nomsa Philiso, added: “Bringing ‘Queen Modjadji’ to our audiences meets their desire for television entertainment drawn from our heritage and it also flows seamlessly into our plans to create a catalogue of drama series made in African languages.

“‘Queen Modjaji’ comes hot off the trail of ‘Shaka Ilembe’, which was a global phenomenon and very much an expression of the MultiChoice’s strategy to drive home-grown, authentic African storytelling.”

Leading the production is multi-award-winning film-making doyen, Duma Ndlovu whose vision is to craft a series that offers viewers an opportunity to engage with the Lobedu culture and traditions.

“The earth, the elements and the energy of humans connect in ways that are both physical and spiritual, both obvious and unseen.

“Queen Modjadji was a living embodiment of this and so we will explore what this Royal title, and the women who’ve held it, have lived, sacrificed, lost, and achieved,” said Ndlovu.

Other cast members include Mudi Mudau as Khadikhulu, Maselekwani’s aunt, head teacher and adviser; Putla Setlapelo as Ramulodi, the secret keeper; and, Priscilla Raboroko as young Raisibe, the daughter of young Maselekwani’s minders, her childhood companion and her trusted friend.

“Jacob’s Cross” actor Aubrey Mmakola is set to play Kgoshi Mampuru, while Moses Raseleke will play Mphabantshi, the royal healer, prophecy teller and spiritual leader.

Award-winning musician Candy TsaMaNdebele, who is popularly known to embrace her culture, traditional attire, and singing in Khelovedu, will play the role of Muyahabo, one of Mambo Mugodo’s wives and the stepmother to Maselekwani.

Meanwhile, former Miss South Africas Shudufhadzo Musida and Ndavi Nokeri will also star in “Queen Modjadji.”

Musida, who was Miss SA 2020, will play Muthanoni Mulalo, one of the king’s wives from the VhaVenda royal family.

Meanwhile, Nokeri, who was Miss SA 2022, has been cast as Muthanoni Khensani, one of the king’s wives from the VaTsonga royal family.