Dope Saint Jude drops new single, ‘Happy Day’

Dope Saint Jude. Picture: Supplied

Dope Saint Jude. Picture: Supplied

Published May 22, 2024


Cape Town based electro hip hop artist, Dope Saint Jude returns to the music scene with her newest offering, “Happy Day”.

And it has her signature stamp all over it!

Well-known for her advocacy of inclusivity, she uses her music as a voice for marginalised communities and to raise awareness about societal concerns.

The upbeat music will keep listeners both inspired and moving on the dance floor.

According to a statement, the song is about “nurturing and protecting one’s inner world”.

“Written in 2022, Saint Jude has been waiting for an opportune moment to release it and she feels now is the right time,” it read.

The artist said: “There is a sense of hopelessness in the world at the moment, and this track is a plea to protect and maintain hope that better days are ahead.

“The world can be a wonderful place, but it can also be a challenge to our inner peace. This track is written as a radical affirmation to protect one’s inner world despite the chaos that exists externally.”

From touring in Europe and the US to having her music featured in commercials on Netflix, an Oscar-nominated film (Nimona), and appearing in MAC and Apple ads, Dope Saint Jude continues to raise the bar with her music.

And she still has plenty more to offer.

“There’s a lot more the world can expect from me,” she said.

Listen to “Happy Day” below: