First-time tenant? Here are tips to maximise your experience

As a first-time tenant, it is important to get advice on how to successfully navigate the rental market. File picture: Pexels

As a first-time tenant, it is important to get advice on how to successfully navigate the rental market. File picture: Pexels

Published May 7, 2024


Navigating the rental market for the first time might be intimidating, but with the proper advice, prospective tenants can find a property that fits their lifestyle and budget.

The chief executive of Harcourts South Africa, provided advice for first-time tenants on how to successfully navigate the rental market.

Understand your budget

Before you begin looking for a rental property, you must first identify your budget. Remember to budget for all possible expenses, not simply the monthly rent. This covers utilities, internet service, and any other ongoing expenses.

Research the market

Spend time researching different localities and average rental pricing to gain a thorough picture of the market.

This will allow you to make more educated and informed selections and locate the best value. The skills and advice of a qualified rental agency might be incredibly beneficial in your investigation.

Prioritise essential features

List the most critical characteristics for you, such as location, security, parking, and amenities.

Understanding your priorities will help you streamline the search process and find a house that suits your requirements.

Prepare your documentation

Preparing your documentation might provide you with an advantage in an increasingly competitive market. This includes references, proof of income, and any other documentation that a landlord or rental agency may require.

Inspect the property thoroughly

Always view the property in person to confirm it fulfils your expectations and to identify any potential problems.Tenants should assess water pressure, heating, and appliances during their inspection.

Understand your lease agreement

Before signing your lease agreement, be sure you have read and understood it.

It’s crucial to understand your rights and duties as a tenant. If something is unclear, seek clarification from your rental agent or legal counsel.

Build a good relationship with your rental agent and your landlord

Establishing a great connection with your landlord can be useful, especially when you require assistance with maintenance or repairs.

Prepare for the future

Maintain a forward-thinking mindset. Keep track of all payments and contact with your rental agent and landlord, since these will be useful for your future rental application or if any complaints develop.

While the procedure may appear overwhelming, being well-prepared and informed can help make your first rental experience a great one.