MPs want Markus Jooste, associates behind bars over Steinhoff scandal

Published Mar 19, 2019


Parliament - Members of Parliament have demanded more answers on the collapse of Steinhoff with members of various committees saying they want Markus Jooste and his associates arrested and prosecuted for the corporate scandal.

MPs told the retail giant and law enforcement agencies on Tuesday they were taking too long to get Jooste and his former colleagues prosecuted.

The Steinhoff board was appearing before Parliament to give an update on progress made since the last meeting with the joint committees of Parliament a few months ago.

But MPs said they feel nothing was being done to have Jooste behind bars.

Steinhoff lost billions of rands in one of the biggest corporate scandals in the country when it lost 95% of its value in December 2017.

MPs said despite the billions in losses, Jooste was still walking the streets freely.

Nthabiseng Khunou of the ANC said it appeared the law enforcement agencies were dragging their feet.

She said some of the people who were involved in the fraudulent activities were still part of Steinhoff.

Alf Lees of the DA also called for the immediate prosecution of those involved in the Steinhoff scandal.

He said it has been more than 15 months since the events happened but nothing has happened to date.

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