Seeing red: Tips on how to wear this bold, fiery colour

Red is a fiery colour. Picture: Pexels/Ali Drabo

Red is a fiery colour. Picture: Pexels/Ali Drabo

Published Apr 26, 2023


Red is a bold fiery tone associated with love and passion.

It’s a colour that stands out and will make a statement when worn by any woman.

Laura Bush once said, “Nothing attracts attention like a red dress.”

This is so true. When a woman in red walks into a room, all eyes will undoubtedly be on her.

However, because it is such a bold colour, many women don’t feel brave enough to wear it.

Personally, I absolutely love red but have yet to wear the colour head to toe.

If, like me, you’re keen to wear red but not quite confident enough to wear it, here are tips on how to introduce red into your wardrobe.

Ease into it by starting small

Start by adding hints of red to your outfit. You can start with something as easy as a red scarf, hat or handbag. If that is too bold you simply wear a pair of statement earrings.

Add a pop of colour with a red scarf. Picture: Pexels/Bia Sousa

Just a pop of red

You don’t have to wear an entire red outfit to make a statement. It’s the ideal colour to use as just a pop of colour in an outfit. You can stick to wearing just a red shirt or t-shirt with a black skirt or your favourite pair of jeans. If solid red is too much for you, opt for a fabric that has pops of red in it.

Try wearing a red pattern fabric. Picture: Pexels/Hong Son

Try different shades

Like any other colour, there are many different shades of red. You don’t have to go for bright postbox red if that’s too out there for you. Burgundy and maroon are darker and far deeper shades of red while lighter shades like blush or coral are on the softer side.

Try different shades of red. Picture: Pexels/Glen Murzeau

Start pairing with neutral tones

If wearing red on red is too much for you, then start by pairing the fiery colour with neutral tones such as grey, nude, black or white. This will still allow the colour to stand out without being over the top.

Wear red with neutral tones. Picture: Pexels/Rulo Davila

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