'Isibaya' actor Nkanyiso Mzimela chats about his new EP 'Before Winter'

Nkanyiso Mzimela

Nkanyiso Mzimela. Picture: Supplied

Published Dec 11, 2020


Actor and musician, Nkanyiso Mzimela aka Night$, released his latest EP "Before Winter" recently.

And his first song is a dedication to news anchor Chante Jantjies.

Speaking about the EP, “Mzimela” said although it’s soulful with a mixture of hip hop and R&B music there is a much deeper meaning behind each song.

“There's a lot of activism in the music, there's a song about the black struggles. It's a very active piece of work.

“The whole EP is more like a soulistic connection. The EP is very personal, you get to know me and my struggles.

“I also wrote the first song for Chante, she like a perfect picture of my dream girl she's unreal. I had to find a way to express it and music was the best way,” said Mzimela.

He said people can definitely expect to see more of him as he plans to tour the places the music industry doesn't shine light upon, like the rural areas.

“I've also started documenting my come up in the music world, I've literally started from the bottom with no help and working from my pocket with what I have.

“The struggle has been real and I wanna give people that content, real content with real people.

“I don't know yet if any channel will be interested, if not there's always YouTube,“ said Mzimela.

The “Isibaya” actor’s love for music started at a young age, however he lacked the confidence to face the music and instead pursued acting as a career.

“It began in primary school when I was 9, I was aware of my talent as a musician, but I needed to build my confidence to face the music as being an actor that alone already comes with pressure,” he said.

Managing the two careers is demanding, but Mzimela said that he doesn’t feel the demand because he is living out his passions.

“They are both demanding. The art in general happens effortlessly, I do this all at once effortlessly because it doesn't feel like work because I love it.

“I take my time to give everything all my attention,“ he said.

If he had to chose between acting and singing, Mzimela opts for the latter, saying that’s his first love.

“I'd choose music. She's the first love. I'm dropping the EP with ’Bafo Media’, what we stand for and what we're trying to achieve is to create opportunities for our artists.

“We deal with strictly fresh new talent, the future rulers of the industry, the future of the SA entertainment industry.

“I felt it's important to push one of our main artists his name is Xis Aug and I feature only him on the EP, his got something very special to offer,” said Mzimela.

Inspiring his music are artists like Lauren Hill.

“Lauren Hill is very versatile and limitless, I think that's what I can say I have in common with her as an artist, I can drop bars and still sing for you in the same song. She gives me the courage to feel like I can do more,“ he said.

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