WATCH: Candice Modiselle’s ‘love letter to women’ is the Safe Africa app

Picture: @tshuckaythelandlord_

Picture: @tshuckaythelandlord_

Published Aug 10, 2023


Multi-talented media personality Candice Modiselle has launched a new app Safe Africa during Women's Month.

“My heart and love letter to women” she explained to IOL Entertainment about the emergency services app that tends to the needs of women.

“In a time of gender based violence, we don’t know where our solution is going to come from, where our help is coming from. In just a click away when you use the app and subscribe to the platform all your needs will be taken care of.”

Modiselle further explained that the emergency app will dispatch response teams to your location immediately when they are alerted.

“The amazing part is if you don’t answer the call, they send an emergency response team immediately to your location,” she explained to her followers in a post on Instagram.

Modiselle is very passionate about women empowerment and equipping women with support and now assisting with curbing the problems that they are facing.

The actress shared that women should continuously be blessings upon other women by allowing them to be “bold and unapologetic”.

“To be the one who cheers from the sidelines, it doesn't have to be loud, maybe it’s just holding space, giving a smile and not retweeting that terrible tweet and not being part of the conversation that hurts other women.

“Be mindful of how you use your speech, how you use your platforms. Are you helping, hurting, harming or healing another woman? Ask yourself that question”.

Modiselle is also part of the cast of Sorele Media’s new Netflix film ‘Love, Sex & 30 Candles’, which is inspired by Angela Makholwa. ‘The 30th Candle’ and has also been announced as part of the BET Africa team.

“A girl is busy! What an absolute blessing to really be in a space where I get to exercise my different skill sets.”

Modiselle explains that ‘Love, Sex & 30 Candles’ is a great story and is more than just the title but is about love and the different challenges women encounter on their journeys.

‘Love, Sex & 30 Candles’ will be available on Netflix from August 18.