Author’s debut ‘Ancestory’ to be featured at Durban International Book Fair

Nokulinda Mkhize showing off her book to be profiled at the annual Durban International Book Fair. Picture: Supplied

Nokulinda Mkhize showing off her book to be profiled at the annual Durban International Book Fair. Picture: Supplied

Published Jul 27, 2023


Durban — One of the authors whose book will be profiled and discussed at the annual Durban International Book Festival is over the moon for her book to be reviewed on such a big stage.

Nokulinda Mkhize’s book, Ancestory, will be discussed on August 11 at the fair to take place at The Globe, Suncoast from August 9 to 13.

Speaking about this opportunity, Nokulinda who is also the former premier Zweli Mkhize’s daughter, said she feels honoured to be included in such a huge stage especially since this is her first book.

Her book distils a lifetime of insights from her family and community life, as well as her experience as isangoma.

"I am inspired and honoured to be able to share information, insights and knowledge from my life in my community, and as isangoma, that enriches the quality of people’s lives,” says Mkhize.

‘Ancestory’ uses various indigenous folk tales to reflect on love, life, spirit and community, and is also a critique and reflection on the challenges of modern existence and gives context to understand, heal and better honour various aspects of daily life, from health and wealth to relationships and spirit.

"’Ancestory’ covers critical personal and social topics such as family dysfunction and the strain the economy has on our social, family and love lives," she says.

This book is a work of reclamation and remembrance as it draws on the timeless wisdom of African forms of knowledge and seamlessly integrates history, research and folklore, as well as centuries of cultural intelligence.

"Ancestory is written to be simple, straightforward and not intimidating because it is meant to serve as a starting point for considering the complexity our past, while gaining intelligence and resilience from our indigenous knowledge to assist in building our future,” explains Mkhize.

Entry to the Durban International Book Fair is free to all.

Nokulinda says: “I use the examples of Mkabayi, bo rakgadi and omalume to show that we must take up the responsibility of our social obligations as they arise because eldership is inevitable, and that intergenerational care is crucial to the survival and growth of our communities. This is a roadmap of yesterday’s learnings for the journey into tomorrow."

She said the book is also packed with research from many African writers and scholars and this is to give readers access to older sources of African history and thinking.

She said Ancestory dispels common myths and misconceptions for example: that ubuntu doesn’t have room for the individual. It also puts key African institutions such as eldership into perspective.

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