Couple robbed and stabbed after being lured to Crossroads in PS5 scam

Pieter Loedolff stabbed multiple times. Picture: Supplied

Pieter Loedolff stabbed multiple times. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 23, 2024


[Warning: Article contains graphic images]

Cape Town - Cyber crime experts have warned Facebook Marketplace buyers and sellers to perform their in-person transactions at a public place where there are CCTV cameras.

This as a Kraaifontein couple deals with the trauma of an assault in which they were stabbed and robbed in Crossroads, Nyanga, on Saturday.

Pieter Loedolff and Angelique Hawkins-Loedolff took an interest in a Playstation 5 console they found on Marketplace.

But when they met the potential seller, their worst nightmare came true.

“It was R4 500, marked down to R3 850.

“We communicated with them and made our way to a Crossroads house,” said Hawkins-Loedolff.

“When we stopped there, a lady came out and showed us to go, but it was too late.

“At least three guys surrounded us.

“One held me at gunpoint and a rock and the other one was busy stabbing my husband, asking where’s the money.

“The more my husband tried to get back in the car, the more they pulled him out and then I lay over the hooter to get the neighbours’ attention.

“They took my phone and then ran away.”

Scammers says “come with cash”.

The distraught woman said when they tried to get out of the area, they got lost.

“My husband was losing a lot of blood so was losing consciousness.

“We saw them run over a field. “I was shouting at residents to tell me how to get out as well and all they did was look at me.

“We managed to go to hospital for my husband to be treated for the stab wounds.”

Hawkins-Loedolff said she has always heard of Facebook scammers, but she didn’t think they were driving into a trap.

“I always read about Browns Farm being notorious for these events.

“I would like for other people to know, it’s not just Browns Farm, it’s also the areas near the airport or such as Crossroads where we were.

“How we are still alive, I don’t know.

“We haven’t even heard anything from the police.

“People mustn’t feel pressured to report robberies at Nyanga SAPS. They can report at a safer station. Many won’t report this kind of crime because they are scared of Nyanga.”

Pieter Loedolff stabbed multiple times. Picture: Supplied
Pieter Loedolff stabbed multiple times. Picture: Supplied

Police spokesperson, FC van Wyk, said the circumstances surrounding the incident were under investigation and no one had been arrested yet.

He said they were also investigating a car hijacking by alleged scammers that took place at Browns Farm at the weekend.

“The Western Cape police are concerned about these incidents where people who have used online platforms to advertise or buy goods fall victim to robberies or more serious crime after being lured by criminals acting as buyers to make a delivery in certain areas.

“It is on this basis that we felt the need to caution the public in general that it is not safe to venture into an unfamiliar area to make a delivery, or meet a potential buyer of an item which had been advertised on an online platform such as Facebook Marketplace.

“With this warning, the SAPS by no means discourage people from making use of online advertising platforms, but to exercise caution when doing so, to prevent becoming a criminal’s next victim.”

Specialised Security Services (SSS) founder, Mike Bolhuis, said people need to do research on the seller.

“Thoroughly check the seller's profile and history on Facebook, including reviews and ratings, if available.

“Use the Facebook Messenger app to communicate with the seller and keep a record of your conversations.

“Thorough vetting is extremely important before you use any social media platform to buy any item.

“Although online platforms have made conducting business more convenient, it is crucial to remain vigilant to ensure your safety. If you have any doubts about a transaction, please contact SSS for a thorough investigation,” he says.

Director at Mzansi Blue Media and Events, Gino Solomons, said Marketplace was among one of the biggest platforms to buy or sell.

The company works with clients to prevent cases of scamming and also warns about potential scammers.

“There are transactions taking place on Instagram and Twitter,” he said.

“When you are going to buy online, you’ve got to meet at a public place, I don’t mean restaurant or street corners.

“Go to the nearest shopping mall, if you’re going to be working with large sums of cash, meet in a bank, ask the tellers to check the money.

“The person who is meeting you can also feel safe.

“Never invite someone to meet at your house and never go to theirs either.”

Meta did not respond to enquiries yesterday.

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